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Some teachers in Kyrgyzstan may lose their jobs in autumn 2018

Some teachers in Kyrgyzstan may be left without work in the autumn 2018. The report «Social Situation and Status of School Teachers in the Kyrgyz Republic,» published by Bulan Institute, says.

According to the document, the Ministry of Education and Science issued an order at the beginning of the year «On the procedure for distributing the weekly workload presented to a pedagogical worker (teacher) of a general educational organization.»

«It will come into force in September 2018 and lead to the dismissal of teachers with less workload. This order may lead to a wave of discontent among teachers at the beginning of the new academic year,» the report says.

Earlier, the Ministry of Education explained the meaning of the order, setting the minimum workload: «There were cases in the villages when 3-5 hours were divided between the teachers. It’s not work! Therefore, we set a minimum of 10 hours depending on the subject. The teacher must fully work at school, get ready for lessons, ensure the quality of education,» the ministry noted.