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Issyk-Kul region checked for readiness for tourist season

The medical institutions in Issyk-Kul region have been checked for readiness for the tourist season and the 3rd World Nomad Games. The Chief State Sanitary Doctor Oleg Gorin informed 24.kg news agency.

According to him, the work is carried out to ensure sanitary and epidemiological welfare of the population and prevention of infectious diseases, as well as mass food poisoning cases.

Instructions have been given to work out with local district administrations the issue of prevention of spontaneous trade and the emergence of spontaneous food courts.

«In recent years, not all tourist facilities in the region sign a passport of readiness for the tourist season. Documents are prepared in the district administration, but they are not always coordinated with the sanitary service. For example, yurts are set up spontaneously every year on the beaches and along the slopes, which do not always correspond to sanitary standards, some of them have no water supply. We instruct the district administrations to conduct raids with us, law enforcement agencies and tax inspectorates,» said Oleg Gorin.

Instructions were given to provide Kyrchin gorge with clean water and toilets. «Last time, this was done almost before the beginning of the Nomad Games. Everything should be strictly according to plan,» the Chief Medical Doctor noted.

Particular attention is paid to the readiness of medical organizations to receive patients if necessary. «The hospitals must have additional beds and medicines, the ambulances must be fully prepared. In general, we resolve all organizational issues in advance, before the start of the tourist season,» concluded Oleg Gorin.