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Kyrgyzstan to tighten responsibility of parents for raising children

The problem of migrants’ children is one of the most urgent in Kyrgyzstan. MP Aida Kasymalieva told journalists about it today.

«The number of violence cases against children, including sexual one, does not decrease. 95 percent of those children, who were subjected to violence, experienced it from their surrounding community, relatives. This is a horrible figure,» said the deputy.

«Now the Parliament is considering the issue of the responsibility of parents and guardians of the children. We can not punish parents, who are forced to leave the country in search of living, but we can see to whom they leave their children, to tighten control. It is very difficult to legally provide for the responsibility of parents, but it is possible. We need changes in several laws. We discuss this with experts. I think that in September we will submit a document,» added Aida Kasymalieva.