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Next generation of migrants to lose contact with Kyrgyzstan

The next generation of migrants will lose contact with Kyrgyzstan. MP Aida Kasymalieva told journalists about it today.

She said that children, who go abroad, forget the Kyrgyz language and do not consider themselves as the Kyrgyz.

«According to experts, the current generation still sends money, takes care of relatives and comes to their homeland. But the next generation, which raised in other countries, will not come, they do not have such a need, and they will not send money any more. The bridge with Kyrgyzstan will disappear. This is very bad,» the deputy said.

«The diasporas asked us to help with organizing Sunday courses of the Kyrgyz language, sending of books in the state language, and organizing a summer camp for children in Kyrgyzstan. Of course, the one-month camp will not solve long-term problems, but this will strengthen the connection with our republic,» added Aida Kasymalieva.

She said that at present a bill is being prepared to allow private schools in Kyrgyzstan to take the children of migrants, our compatriots, into the 7th and 8th grades. «Migrants are ready to pay for this. The main thing is to have security. Children can stay in hostels, and on weekends visit their local relatives. In such a way, they will not forget the Kyrgyz language,» the deputy noted.