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Migration growth forecasted in Kyrgyzstan

By 2050, the population of Kyrgyzstan will grow to 9 million people. The country will not be able to provide all the people with jobs that means that external migration will grow. The report on the support of compatriots abroad contains such a forecast.

It is noted that the government needs to create conditions at the international level for citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic to receive decent education and employment abroad.

Five years ago, the Parliament passed a law on the support of compatriots abroad.

«Its relevance remains, but the legal regulation of the law is becoming obsolete, so it needs to be improved. The compatriots themselves do not know the provisions of the law and what rights they possess. In 2015, the Council on Relations with Compatriots under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic was established from among the compatriots and representatives of government agencies of the Kyrgyz Republic. The council has held only one meeting so far,» the report of the working group of deputies says.