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24.kg news agency congratulates Kyrgyzstanis on Victory Day!

73 years ago, the Soviet people surprised and fascinated the world by their victory over Hitler’s Germany, which enslaved and usurped the whole Europe. Our fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers, our grandmothers and mothers, standing shoulder to shoulder without division into nationalities and religion, have managed to break this anti-human military machine. We express our deep gratitude to them for the Great Victory and proudly celebrate May 9.

Thanks to you, our dear veterans, homefront workers, Leningrad siege survivors, concentration camp prisoners, who took upon themselves the whole burden of confronting the fascism, we can now live in a free country, speak our language, raise children for joy and happiness.

Thank you, we bow our heads to your feat!

Happy Great Victory Day, dear Kyrgyzstanis!