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New type of asphalt used in Bishkek for repair of roads

A new composition of asphalt is for the first time used in Bishkek for repair of roads. The head of the Capital Construction Department Nurlan Eshenbaev informed 24.kg news agency.

«The difficulty is that our manufacturers have no experience in it. The components are slightly different. This causes a delay in repairing the streets,» he said.

«The use of the asphalt was initiated by the Ministry of Transport in 2017, when a test piece of 200 meters was laid along Gagarin Street. Technical characteristics show that it serves longer, withstands a high load, and does not slip. Other countries have long been working with such a composition. We use it on those roads, where the asphalt surface is being replaced. And we use the usual composition where the reconstruction is planned,» the head of the department added.

According to the city administration, the service life of a roadway can increase from five to ten years as a result of use of such asphalt.

At the moment, repair works, according to Nurlan Eshenbaev, are conducted in approximately 40 streets, asphalt is replaced in 11 of them, the rest are under reconstruction.