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Andrei Krutko: Memory of Great Victory in Kyrgyzstan not less than in Russia

«The memory of the Great Victory in Kyrgyzstan is not less than in Russia. It is your merit, dear veterans, and the leadership of the republic, who pay attention to patriotic work,» Andrei Krutko, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Russian Federation to the Kyrgyz Republic said at a meeting-requiem today.

The meeting, dedicated to the 73rd anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War, was held in Bishkek near the monument to the Leningrad siege survivors. The veterans of the Great Patriotic War, survivors of the siege, cadets of the military lyceum, students, schoolchildren and officials attended it.

«Unfortunately, the number of veterans decreases from day to day. The more important for us is your fate. We urge you to remain healthy and continue to work to perpetuate the great heroic deed of the Soviet people,» said Andrei Krutko. «I especially want to thank the Association of Survivors of Leningrad Siege, which is active in this field. We will take part in the opening of the Siege Museum in the near future,» he said.

«Thank you, our dear veterans, for heroism and fortitude. Our youth with special trepidation treats everything that is associated with the Great Victory. Thanks to it, every family will retain the memory of the generation of veterans,» said the Mayor of Bishkek, Albek Ibraimov. «You can be sure that the great feat of our ancestors will not be forgotten. Our duty is to preserve and protect the memory of the heroes, to bring to our grandsons and great-grandsons the historical truth,» he stressed.

The Chairwoman of the Kyrgyz Association of Survivors of Leningrad Siege, Anna Kutanova, noted that she was satisfied with commemoration of the veterans and the support they receive. «We do everything to pass the memory baton to the next generations,» she said.

The youth showed a concert for the veterans.