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Procurement prices for kidney beans decline in Kyrgyzstan

Procurement prices for kidney beans declined in Kyrgyzstan. Anarkul Bekkuliyeva, Head of the Food Security and Agro Marketing Department of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food Industry and Land Reclamation of the Kyrgyz Republic, told today at a press conference.

According to her, the problem of kidney beans sale today is very relevant for the domestic peasants. «If in 2011 this crop was exported to 15 countries, today the number of these countries has increased to 26. But there are other countries, where beans are being produced in large quantities. Therefore, the purchase prices depend on the world situation. As of today, beans are sold for 42 to 65 soms per kilogram, depending on the kind,» Anarkul Bekkuliyeva said.

She added that 65,000 tons of kidney beans from the harvest of 2017 have been exported, and there are still about 28,000 tons. «Until the end of the year, I think this volume will also be sold. I hope that other markets will be found,» the head of the department noted.

The Chairman of the Association of Bean Growers Emir Parpiev stressed that a few months ago the price for some kinds of kidney beans was more than 100 soms per kilogram, and now it has almost halved.

«The problem is the monopolists. These schemes have been working for more than ten years. There is no single price for beans in Talas, someone dictates it, pursuing personal gain. But the fiscal authorities for some reason do not work. Peasants complain, do not know what to do,» he said.