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Kyrgyzstan plans to increase people’s confidence in judicial system

Reforming of the judicial system is of great social importance. The Chairwoman of the Supreme Court of Kyrgyzstan Ainash Tokbaeva stated at the presentation of a new program to increase people’s confidence in the judicial system.

«The process continues and the main strategic goal is to increase the confidence. A lot of work has been done. An important step is the improvement of the regulatory and legal framework, the selection of judicial personnel and access to judicial acts,» she said.

At the same time, the chairwoman of the Supreme Court noted the negative aspects that lead to the formation of public opinion about judges and the judiciary as a whole.

The new program, supported by USAID and IDLO, aims to achieve four main results:

  • Improvement of the judicial system through measurement, analysis and response to the needs of the society;
  • Increasing confidence in the judicial system with the participation of the society and the branches of state power;
  • Increasing independence, professionalism, uniformity of judicial practice, introduction of electronic justice;
  • Strengthening the interconnection between the judicial system and the public.