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Main source of air pollution in Bishkek - transport

Heating, construction, transport and other factors affect air pollution. The main pollution comes from transport. Daniyar Sulaimanov, the head of the Sanitary and Ecological Inspection of Bishkek City Administration, told at a round table discussion today.

At least 25 percent of the transport move without catalyzers, using cheap fuel. The State Agency for Environmental Protection and Forestry provided such data.

There are 400,000 cars in Bishkek, in certain seasons their number reaches 600,000. The city is not designed for such a quantity of transport.

Daniyar Sulaimanov recalled that at the beginning of the year, following the instructions of the Prime Minister, an interdepartmental commission was established, which developed a plan of 35 points for the protection of the air. It was sent to the government.

There are 65 boiler houses in Bishkek. Only 10 of them have been modernized.

«This year, the city administration plans to continue their modernization and their switch to gas. Solar collectors were installed in two boiler houses that reduced the consumption of coal by 1,400 tons and the emission of greenhouse gases,» he said.

Daniyar Sulaimanov noted that Gazprom provides gas supply to the residential areas of Bishkek that would help to reduce emissions. «There are 49 residential areas in Bishkek. The main fuel is coal and synthetic substances,» he said.