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Public garden in memory of missing in the Great Patriotic War appears in Bishkek

More than 400 saplings have been planted near the brotherly cemetery, located in the Bishkek’s district Kyzyl Asker. The saplings have been planted by relatives of the missing persons, servicemen of the Air Defense Forces, the Russian airbase Kant, employees of the Bishkek Funeral Agency (BARU), as well as indifferent townspeople.

As organizer of the campaign, coordinator of the search movement «Our Victory — Bizdin Zhenish» Svetlana Lapteva told, the brotherly cemetery in Bishkek is well-groomed, but it needs attention.

«We must remember that the cemetery got its modern appearance in 1976, when its opening ceremony was held. The figure of a soldier and a stele need reconstruction,» she stressed.

Svetlana Lapteva told several stories of families whose relatives are still missing. As, for example, the brother of the father of the director of BARU Askerbek Aliyev.

«We helped to find information: he is listed as dead and had been buried in Leningrad. It is not known where exactly. Maybe the colleagues from St. Petersburg will help us,» said Svetlana Lapteva.

The Ambassador of Russia to Kyrgyzstan Andrey Krutko also took part in the campaign. He planted a tree and entered the name of Khalet Khabibulayevich Abaev. His name is the first in the Book of Memory of Frunze. It is only known that he is Kazakh and had gone missing in December 1941.

«Several generations of the family of Zhuken Uzakov, who for many years has been considered as missing, came for support and to inspire the hope in others. Searchers of Novgorod region have found their relatives in 2012. The family is going to visit Staraya Russa on May 9,» Svetlana told.

Relatives of the missing got the opportunity to write on the pre-prepared tablet «missing» the name of their relative.