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Migrants from Kyrgyzstan die at production sites in Russia

The Center for Study of Social and Labor Relations notes that 30 out of 100 percent of migrants’ deaths in Russia occur at production sites.

According to unofficial statistics, the death rate is twice higher. At the same time, from 200 to 400 workers are injured every year at work.

The main reasons for such cases are the failure to comply with the requirements and labor safety norms, lack of personal protective equipment, the necessary materials, mechanisms, spare parts, lack of supervision by the labor protection service or its absence, lack of training and instruction.

At the beginning of 2018, the total number of Kyrgyz labor migrants in the Russian Federation exceeded 622,000. Migrants often become victims of exploitation or face violation of their rights. They work without employment contracts, delay or non-payment of wages occurs.

The organization stresses that those, who come to work from the Kyrgyz Republic, often do not know their employer, because they communicate only with the foremen, who are the same migrants like themselves.