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Khaidarkan mercury plant in 2018 plans to produce 20 tons of mercury

It is planned to produce 20 tons of mercury, 104 tons of antimony and 3,450 tons of fluorite (fluorspar concentrate) this year at Khaidarkan mercury plant. The Chairman of the Central Committee of the Mining and Metallurgical Trade Union Eldar Tadzhibaev told.

According to him, for the first quarter of the year, the enterprise received more than 2 million soms of profit, it pays salaries and deducts taxes. This was achieved thanks to the agreement on joint activities between the plant and Severstal LLC.

The restoration of the mines «Vspomogatelnaya» and «Zapadnaya,» which have been flooded in 2009, began. Borehole and stationary pumps for pumping water from the mine have been purchased and launched. The plant’s equipment is being repaired. Severstal LLC allocated more than $ 1 million for it.

Now the plant employs about 400 people, after full launch, their number will increase to 600.

In addition, joint work is being carried out with Surma-Tash LLC, which built and launched a mini factory for the production of metal antimony.

«At the same time, certain forces, including the Global Environment Facility project «Reducing global and local environmental risks from extraction of primary mercury in Aidarken» continue to disseminate negative information about the plant and lobby for its closure. This cannot be allowed. On the contrary, it is necessary to provide comprehensive support to the plant,» said Eldar Tadzhibaev.