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Kyrgyzstan - country with moderate state debt level

The Asian Development Bank included Kyrgyzstan into a group of countries with a moderate level of state debt. The Senior Economics Officer of the ADB Office in the Kyrgyz Republic Gulkair Tentieva told journalists today.

According to her, following the results of 2017, the state debt of the republic reached 56 percent of GDP. This indicates the moderate level of the debt load. At the same time, not only the Asian Development Bank, but also other development partners of Kyrgyzstan monitor the level of the state debt of the republic.

«The debt of the country must be sustainable. ADB allocates funds to Kyrgyzstan, so a half of the amount is a loan with a low rate, and the second is a grant. This is also done not to place a serious burden on the republic’s budget,» Gulkair Tentieva stressed.