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Main instigators of minibuses strike in Bishkek still not identified

The main instigators of the strike of minibuses in Bishkek are still not identified. The acting Head of the City Transport Department Hasan Alimbekov told 24.kg news agency.

«Now the security service employees conduct an investigation into sabotage. Officially, there are no instigators yet. No one has claimed responsibility for the protest. There are only rumors and guesses,» the acting chief of the department said.

April 2 showed who runs the show in the city. To prevent this situation in future, we must take some measures today.

Anastasia BENGARD

«Some say that cost of compulsory insurance was increased, others — that they are forced to buy vests, others — the fare should be raised. And in general, there were no civilized demands,» added Hasan Alimbekov.

Recall, on April 2, the drivers of minibuses did not serve their routes.