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Local residents ask to save unique health resort "Kyrgyzstan"

The residents of Tash-Dobo and Baytik villages ask to save the unique health resort «Kyrgyzstan». They announced this today at a press conference in 24.kg news agency.

According to one of the participants of the briefing Akynbek Urbaev, the health resort in Vorontsovka has always been famous for the exceptional effect of restorative treatment for cardiac patients. «However, it heads have been changed frequently, they do not care about the institution, and the health resort falls into decline. Nobody is interested in the heyday of the resort,» he said.

«The last director of the health resort Venera Maimendeeva for four years had been appropriating financial and material resources, but escaped punishment. A huge debt to the various organizations, including Severelectro company, has formed. However, Maimendeeva tries to reinstate through the court in the office of the director of the health resort,» Kenzhekan Zarlykova noted.

Our grandfathers built the resort, they planted a garden with love for the descendants. And there are only stubs now.

Kenzhekan Zarlykova

«Even the radiators are taken out of the rooms. Unknown persons live in one of the buildings. If the resort is closed, then we will be left without work. Three weeks ago, a new director and deputy director were appointed. But everything depends on finances. I would like to see there a bathhouse, drinking water. The most important thing that has left there is air only,» she added.

Other participants of the press conference noted that more than once they urged the leadership of the Federation of Trade Unions of Kyrgyzstan to save the health resort, unique in its medical characteristics, from ruin and prevent its sale to private individuals. If their requests are not met, the villagers threaten to hold rallies.