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New ISIL model, aimed at Central Asia, forms in Afghanistan

A new model of ISIL, aimed at Central Asia, is being formed in Afghanistan. Doctor of Political Sciences Larisa Khoperskaya told today at a round table discussion.

According to her, Islamic State, formed in 2006, considers the United States, the countries of Western Europe, Russia and the Muslim states with a secular form of government — the countries of Central Asia — as its main enemies.

«The situation has worsened in 2014. Central Asian countries have become a resource of recruiting new IS militants. They acted as a channel for the transit of Afghan heroin to Europe. The annual income was up to $ 1 billion. A radical Islamist ideology began to spread in the Central Asian countries,» Larisa Khoperskaya noted.

She added that, according to Soufan Center, ISIL has recruited 9,000 people from the countries of the former USSR. «ISIL 2.0 is being formed in Afghanistan. A new model of a terrorist organization is being introduced in Central Asia. It is necessary to increase Eurasian integration to oppose it,» Larisa Khoperskaya believes.