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Cholpon-Ata landfill continues to damage lake ecology

The landfill in Cholpon-Ata continues to harm the ecology of the lake and the local residents. The readers informed 24.kg news agency.

According to them, last year, the Internal Affairs Department for Issyk-Kul district initiated a criminal case against the mayor of Cholpon-Ata, Karybek Saralaev.

«But nothing has changed. The landfill is still functioning. It stores waste not only from Cholpon-Ata, but also from nearby villages and boarding houses,» the residents noted.

The mesh does not help. All light garbage is scattered all over the district, and in the summer time, the stench spreads right up to the shore. In the autumn, the World Nomad Games will be held there.

«The landfill issue had not been resolved. They say, on the contrary, the service life of the landfill was extended by other 10 years. But what the people who live in this area should do?» they wrote.

Earlier, the State Ecological Inspectorate issued instructions on the closure of this landfill, which has been functioning since 1976. However, the leadership of Cholpon-Ata did not take any measures and continues to store waste at this site.

Recall, there are 386 landfills in Kyrgyzstan, 333 of them are illegal. Most of all (173) unauthorized landfills are located in Issyk-Kul region.