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Deputies offer to pass no-confidence motion against Sapar Isakov’s government

At today’s meeting, the deputies Zhyrgalbek Turuskulov and Almambet Shykmamatov proposed to consider no-confidence motion against the government of Sapar Isakov.

«According to the law, if one third of the deputies signs it, then this issue should be put on the agenda. This is an important issue for the entire state, for political stability,» Almambet Shykmamatov said.

The Speaker of the Parliament, Dastan Dzhumabekov, noted that he received a letter from the deputies. More than 40 parliament deputies signed it. However, there is no conclusion of the profile committee.

The deputies proposed to take a break for 15 minutes for the meeting of the committee on constitutional legislation, state structure and regulations. At least 103 deputies of the Parliament voted for this proposal. In total, 112 deputies of the Parliament have registered today.