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Prosecutor caught with $ 200,000 bribe diagnosed with a stroke

The head of the department of the Prosecutor General’s Office, Ulan Chalbaev, who was caught red-handed with a bribe, was diagnosed with a stroke. The law enforcement bodies informed 24.kg news agency.

At the time of detention, the prosecutor’s blood pressure started rising. «An ambulance team diagnosed him with a stroke. The prosecutor was hospitalized in the neurology unit of one of the hospitals in Bishkek. The patient has not been discharged yet,» the police informed.

The Ministry of Health confirmed that Ulan Chalbaev was hospitalized, but did not voice the diagnosis, referring to the secrecy of information.

The Corruption Control Service of the State Committee for National Security detained the head of the department for the maintenance of state prosecution and representation in the courts of the General Prosecutor’s Office Ulan Chalbaev when receiving the bribe of $ 200,000.