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Riots in Toguz-Toro. Prime minister asked to solve problem through dialogue

The Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan today reports to the deputies of the opposition factions of the Parliament. Sapar Isakov had already told about the achievements of the government in 2017 at the joint meeting of Onuguu-Progress, Ata Meken and «Respublika — Ata Jurt factions.

Deputy Emil Toktoshev called on the government to solve the problem of Toguz-Toro residents through dialogue.

«The residents wanted only to protect the environment and their health. They had held several rallies before, but there was no response. It was necessary to go out and explain to them how the plant works,» he said.

«Will you continue to solve the problem with the help of the police?» Sapar Isakov was asked.

The Prime Minister replied that after finding out all the circumstances of the incident, the perpetrators would be punished.

«Everybody is equal before the law. If the investors suffered damage, it must be repaid,» the head of government said.

Toguz-Toro residents arrived in Bishkek today and hold a rally at the White House. Participants of the protest demand to close the gold processing plant and release the suspects of the arson at the Chinese enterprise GL Makmal Developing. The resident of the district Rakhatbek Sadraliev explained the demands of the protesters by health problems of the people. They have hepatic cirrhosis, biliousness, high blood pressure.