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Scandal with reanimobiles. Only 2 cars out of 15 ready for operation

According to international experts, only two out of 15 ambulances, delivered to Kyrgyzstan by Dutch Health BV in November 2017, are ready for operation. The Chairman of the Public Council under the Ministry of Health Aybar Sultangaziev reported.

«As the conclusion says, seven cars do not meet the safety requirements at all and have a poor interior quality, and six cars need serious improvements,» he said.

According to the conclusion of an expert Gary Grossman, presented by Aybar Sultangaziev, it is recommended to prohibit the use of Hyundai Porter cars because of the lack of an armchair for the medical personnel at the patient’s head as well as because of insecurity in the operation of cars in extreme situations.

Toyota Hiace cars (general and reanimation) can be put in operation, but with recommendations.

«The height of this car does not meet the requirements in the contract. Proposal No. 1: raise the roof, but it is almost impossible to do it professionally. Proposal number 2: do not change the height of the roof, considering that the car will be used in the city for the most part and the transportation of patients takes a relatively short time,» Gary Grossman’s recommendations say.

Earlier, the Ministry of Health also said that two of the fifteen reanimobiles, delivered to the Kyrgyz Republic by Dutch Health BV, which did not require major alterations, are ready for transfer.

The officials have not yet come conclusion on the rest of the cars.