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Return us clean air! Kyrgyzstanis sign petition

«Return us clean air, and our home city — the status of the green capital!» such a petition appeared on change.org.

The initiators of the petition are concerned about the environmental situation. According to the State Registration Service, more than one million vehicles are registered in the capital. It is harder to breathe in Bishkek from day to day, and the impending shroud of smog has already become a usual phenomenon.

«Air pollution measurements are not consoling either. The percentage of harmful particles and contaminants for a long time has exceeded all admissible values. The problem is aggravated by a rapid decrease in the number of green spaces. Over the past three decades, their area in the city has shrunk to 3.5 square meters per inhabitant at an international norm of 21 square meters,» the document says.

If in 2010 the volume of harmful emissions in Kyrgyzstan was just over 30,000 tons, then in 2014 it increased to 60,000 tons. More than a half of them is in Bishkek.

It is noted that more than 100 hectares have already been taken out of the parks in the new site plan of Bishkek, and the process continues.

The authors of the petition appeal to the leadership of the country and the capital with a request to stop the slow destruction of the environment.

Activists understand that the city is growing and requires the development of a road network, but it is necessary to preserve a balance.

The authors of the petition also ask to return to the Parliament a bill on the prohibition of petroleum products below K5 standard, which is equivalent to Euro 5 standard.