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State debt of Kyrgyzstan reaches $ 703 per each resident

Each Kyrgyzstani should pay $ 703 to clear the state debt of the country.

According to the Ministry of Finance, as of February 28, 2018, Kyrgyzstan’s state debt amounted to $4,402.67 billion (299,760.17 billion soms). The external debt totaled $ 3,885.11 billion (264,521.6 billion soms), and domestic — $ 517.56 million (35,238.57 billion soms).

The data of the National Statistical Committee says that as of January 1, 2018 the population of the country was 6,256.7 million people. At the same time, the average salary in the republic in February was 14,629 soms.

To repay the state debt, each Kyrgyzstani should give more than three salaries.

In comparison with January 2018, the state debt of the country has reduced by $ 222.14 million. The figure fell for the first time since October 2017. Before that, it was only growing. Compared to the first month of the year, Kyrgyzstan’s debt to China reduced by $ 620,000 to $ 1,710.86 billion.