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15 corruption problems detected in hunting sphere

At least 15 corruption zones have been detected in the hunting sphere in Kyrgyzstan. Inspector of the Security Council Zhanysh Busurmankulov told at the round table discussion «How corruption leads to the destruction of endangered animal species — the Security Council gets interested in the problem.»

According to him, an expert group has been set up, which has developed a plan to combat corruption risks in the State Agency for Environmental Protection. Its members detected 15 corruption zones in the sphere of hunting and developed 36 recommendations for its prevention.

A member of the expert group, Executive Director of the environmental movement «BIOM» Anna Kirilenko noted that corruption risks are laid down in regulatory legal acts. «The hunting rules speak of the possibility of confiscating 1 percent of rare species. There are also questions in the issue of licenses, weapons, interaction with hunting farms. The state receives only a third of the cost of the licenses, rural administrations get a sum, some funds are returned to the hunting farms to restore the populations. But this is state money. How is it spent?» she said.

One more question: who keeps records of wild birds? According to her, in any gorge tourists are offered to take pictures with birds, but what happens to them after the tourist season, how many of them die?

Ecologist Emil Shukurov outlined another problem that affects the size of the wildlife population. This is degradation of pastures. «A mindless number of cattle is grazed, most of the pastures are destroyed to the ground. We have lost a huge number of grass ecosystems. Deputies do not bring order to this area, but they say that it is necessary to allow grazing in the nature reserves. And the deputies stand for the hunting. We are to blame for the fact that the leopard does not mate, but its fate is the fate of the Kyrgyz people. Mountain herbal ecosystems are destroyed, the snow leopard stopped mating, because the wild sheep and goats — the main nutritive base of the predator — ceased to multiply,» he said.