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Bank of western Big Chui Canal to be concreted to prevent flooding of houses

The bank of the western Big Chui Canal will be concreted. The Department of Water Resources and Land Reclamation of the Ministry of Agriculture explained why the trees along the canal were felled.

Earlier, activist Alexander Tolmachev said that all the trees along the banks of the Big Chi Canal had been felled, and the bottom of the canal is full of garbage.

«The Chui basin water management in this area carries out a mechanized cleaning of sand and gravel. Trees and shrubs along the shore detain sand, sediments are formed, which leads to a narrowing of the canal and a decrease in its carrying capacity,» the management reported.

According to the head of the area Chyngiz Akmatov, cleaning is carried out for one more reason — flooding of houses of local residents due to the broken drainage system.

«Everything was built up, there is no place for water. The Big Chui Canal also fulfills the role of a drainage system. Last year, we received many complaints about the flooding of yards and cellars of the houses of residents of the Pervomaisky district of the capital and Prigorodnoye village. In this regard, the department agreed with the State Environment Protection and Forestry Agency cutting of trees on a wet slope along the canal,» he said.

According to the official, after thorough cleaning of the canal on this section, its right bank will be concreted.