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Parliament deputy demands to punish organizers of strike of minibus drivers

The deputy of the Parliament from SDPK faction, Irina Karamushkina, demands to punish the organizers of the spontaneous strike of minibus drivers to the fullest extent of the law. She stated this at a meeting of the Parliament today.

According to her, the Bishkek City Administration was not notified about the protest, so there was no permission. According to the deputy, there is collusion. She proposed to identify all those who for two days of the strike — on Monday and Tuesday — drove along the routes and forbade the drivers to go to work, threatening even with the bodily harm.

Irina Karamushkina believes that the instigators of strikes should be deprived of their licenses. The member of the SDPK is puzzled why the police are still inactive and the investigation has not started.

Recall, minibuses did not serve their routes on Monday in Bishkek. They completely resumed their work only yesterday.

Drivers of Talas region and Kara-Balta town also held protest.