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Minibuses in Bishkek resume work after two-day strike

The drivers of minibuses handed over their official demands to the Bishkek City Administration. The Deputy Mayor of the city Gennady Militsky informed 24.kg news agency.

«The list with the requirements of the initiative group of transport operators came to the general department of the Bishkek City Administration only yesterday. We will consider and answer them later,» he said.

The Vice Mayor noted that today minibuses operate as usual, according to the route plan. «I have personally visited main control rooms. I think about 2,200-2,300 minibuses are serving their routes,» he told.

«In general, we were always ready and open to dialogue with associations of transport operators, always discussed their proposals. The issue of increasing tariffs will be studied. And the position on insurance is unequivocal: nobody will cancel it,» added Gennady Militsky.

Earlier, the Road Safety Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs warned that from April 1, 2018 vehicles owners, who carry passengers for a price, would be fined for the absence of an insurance certificate.