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Transport Ministry: No concessions for cargo carriers

There will be no concessions for cargo carriers in Kyrgyzstan. The Minister of Transport and Roads Zhamshitbek Kalilov told 24.kg news agency.

According to him, the strikers demand other set load on the axle. «But this will not happen. In 2017, the government issued a decree allowing only 10 tons per axle. A 12-ton load will break the roadway. Who will repair the roads? At whose expense? Law is the law. There will be no increase. Now we do not take money from them for overweight, we just make them unload,» the head of the ministry said.

He noted that his assistant visited Sosnovka checkpoint, where the carriers hold the protest. He explained to the people that they would not achieve anything by strike.

Answering the question of 24.kg news agency what would happen, if the carriers continue their protest, Zhamshitbek Kalilov said: «The work is underway. Everything’s under control. As for fears that the farmers will not get fuel for the beginning of spring field work, there is no reason for concern, fuel is transported by rail through Uzbekistan. The first trains departed two weeks ago,» said Zhamshitbek Kalilov.