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Freight carriers in Kyrgyzstan go on indefinite strike

Freight carriers in Kyrgyzstan went on an indefinite strike. The head of the Association of Freight Carriers Cholponbek Zhanbaev told 24.kg news agency.

According to him, 100 people intend to participate in the protest. They demand cancelation of civil liability insurance for carriers of dangerous goods from April 1, 2018 and insist that law and order on Bishkek-Osh road must be provided under the Law on Peaceful Assemblies during their strike.

Cholponbek Zhanbaev denied reports that carriers were going to block Bishkek-Osh road. «We want attention, and then we’ll voice our demands to the authorities,» the head of the Association of Freight Carriers said.

Recall, minibuses also do not serve their routes today. A transport collapse occurred today in Bishkek. Vice Mayor Gennady Militsky called the protest ‘provocation.’