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Food courts in Bishkek marked with safety stickers since April 1, 2018

Food courts in Bishkek are marked with stickers that indicate how safe they are since April 1, 2018. Makhamad Murzashov, head of the Department of Food Hygiene at the Center of the State Sanitary Epidemiological Service of Bishkek, told today at a press conference.

According to him, there are 985 fast food outlets in Bishkek. Sanitary inspection staff can check them only once a year. In addition, there is a rule that a newly opened object cannot be checked for three years.

«There is a government decree, according to which it is necessary to inform the public and citizens how safe food courts are. In this regard, we began marking them on April 1. If the sticker on a cafe is green, everything is in order there, if yellow — there are drawbacks, if red — there are many violations. So we advise our citizens to pay attention to stickers at the food courts,» said Makhamad Murzashov.

In addition, he said that under the law, the sanitary inspection could check a cafe without notice, if there is a case of poisoning. However, they can not check all the fast food outlets due to mass poisoning. This requires a special government decree.

Recall, 173 out of 192 guests applied to the hospitals of the capital and the regions after a wedding in Bishkek. Presumably, they got poisoned by a chicken or baked fish.