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Bishkek City Administration calls transport collapse in Bishkek ‘provocation’

The Vice Mayor of Bishkek Gennady Militsky commented to 24.kg news agency on the transport collapse in Bishkek.

According to him, he is now visiting the final stops of the minibuses, talking with the drivers.

This is some kind of provocation, people are ready to serve their routes, but someone does not allow them to work. It is some group of people. We need to find them urgently.

Gennady Militsky

The Vice Mayor stressed that the drivers of minibuses did not voice any specific requirements. «They say that the traffic police are working hard. But this is correct,» he said.

Earlier, the Road Safety Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs stated that from April 1, 2018 vehicle owners, who transport passengers for a price, would be fined for lack of an insurance certificate.

«Insurance certificate is not demanded from today, although it is legally required,» added Gennady Militsky.

Minibuses do not serve their routes today.