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Gas supply to be suspended from March 30 to April 6 in some districts of Bishkek

Some districts of Bishkek will be left without gas. Gazprom Kyrgyzstan LLC reported.

According to the company, gas supply will be suspended:

  • On March 30 — in the area, bounded by Togolok Moldo, Shcherbakov, Orozbekov Streets and the Big Chui Canal;
  • On April 2-3 — in the area, bounded by Deng Xiaoping Avenue, Selpovskaya, Serpukhov, Koreyskaya Streets;
  • On April 3-4 — in the area, bounded by Zhumabek, Abdrakhmanov Streets, Erkindik Boulevard, Zhibek Zholu Avenue;
  • On April 4-5 — on Manas Aiyly, Kurultay, Veterinarnaya Streets.