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Preferential re-registration of cars in Kyrgyzstan to last 3 months

From April 2 to July 2, the state re-registration of vehicles will be carried out on a preferential basis. The Prime Minister Sapar Isakov signed the relevant government decree.

The document notes that in practice, in purchase, sale or exchange of vehicles, many citizens do not register them with a new owner, confining themselves to issue of proxies. Thus, the person who issued the proxy continues to officially be an owner of a vehicle, the report said.

«According to statistics, more than a half of the transactions on the sale and purchase of vehicles are made through the issue of a proxy with the right to alienate and receive cash from a buyer. Now the cost of drawing up a sale contract is several times higher than the cost of issuing a proxy notice,» the government’s press service said.

However, with the launch of Smart City project, fines for traffic violations will be sent to an owner of a vehicle, even if he sold it and formalized the purchase transaction by issuing a proxy without corresponding registration in the State Registration Service.

«The Government of the Kyrgyz Republic asks all drivers to take advantage of the opportunity of preferential re-registration of transport and register their cars. This will help in the future to avoid misunderstandings that may arise when getting fines,» the Cabinet said.

In addition, it was decided that for the campaign period, the fee for re-registration would be set at 0.1 percent of the average market value of a vehicle, determined by the tariff scale. A number of categories of vehicles will be exempted from payment of the fee. Full list can be found in the structural divisions of the SRS.

In re-registration, state number plates will remain the same and will be issued free of charge.