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Cubic meter of drinking water in Kyrgyzstan should cost from 10 to 100 soms

A cubic meter of drinking water in Kyrgyzstan should cost from 10 to 100 soms. Askar Toktoshev, Director of the Department for Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation Development, told 24.kg news agency.

According to him, all organizations that manage water utilities operate at a loss. Local councils set the tariffs. The shortage must be made up at the expense of the local budgets.

When setting the tariff below the cost, the local councils should make up the difference. But they do not do it. Tariffs should be set at least at the level of 80-90 percent of the cost price.

Askar Toktoshev

It is impossible to set a single tariff in Kyrgyzstan. It varies depending on the number of residing people. «In Bishkek, a cubic meter of water should cost 11 soms. But the current tariff is 5.38 soms. We must return the received money for the construction of water supply networks. The tariff depends on the number of consumers,» said Askar Toktoshev.