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Firefighters tell about difficulties in accessing facilities in Bishkek

The most important thing in ensuring fire safety in crowded places for firefighters is the way to a facility. The Deputy Head of the Health and Safety Department of the Center for Training and Retraining of Specialists at the Ministry of Emergency Situations Madimar Mambetov told at the meeting with teachers.

«Many cars have appeared in Bishkek, often our vehicles are not given way. In addition, many streets are narrow, the city is growing, and consequently, the «call area» is increasing,» he said.

Access roads must be planned even while designing and constructing a public building.

Madimar Mambetov

«If it is a dead-end street, there must be a turn around area for a fire fighting vehicle. But now, even a small piece of land is used for entrepreneurial activity,» he said.

According to the expert, the distance between the fire units should be five kilometers, but in Bishkek the standard is exceeded from two to three times.

«There are no new fire units, we are doing our best to cope with our duties,» he said.