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Education Ministry decides on number of grant places at universities of KR

At least 5,705 grant places at Kyrgyzstan’s universities are provided for 2018/2019 academic year. The Ministry of Education has prepared a draft government decree.

According to the ministry, 4,903 grant places are offered for universities that are subordinate to the Ministry of Education, and the rest will be financed through other state bodies. The Ministry of Internal Affairs will receive 125 grants, the Ministry of Health — 330, the Ministry of Culture — 237, the State Committee for Defense Affairs — 100, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs — 10.

«The draft grant enrollment includes only specialties for which the employment of graduates is at least 80 percent. The proportion of graduates who have successfully completed their studies at the university has been increasing since 2010/2011 academic year,» the Ministry of Education notes.

On average, the cost of study of one student per year is about 30,000 soms.

Out of the total number of budgetary places, 50 grants were allocated for non-competitive enrollment of applicants, who received the highest scores on the results of the Nation-wide Testing, 140 seats — to fulfill obligations under the current intergovernmental agreements on cooperation with Russia, Tajikistan, Turkey, Ukraine, Belarus, within the SCO and CIS.

Other 75 grant places are envisaged for the ethnic Kyrgyz living abroad, 100 grants — for disabled citizens and 40 places — for children of persons died in the Aksy, April and June events.

In addition, 280 places out of the total number of grants are proposed to be allocated for the study of masters.