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Armed conflicts, complex political situation named as causes of migration in KR

Government’s program on state support of compatriots for 2018-2020 was developed in Kyrgyzstan.

According to the State Migration Service, as of today, about 750,000 Kyrgyz citizens permanently reside outside the republic.

«According to expert estimates, the number of people from Kyrgyzstan in the Russian Federation is more than 1 million people, and as of 2017, half of them have already changed Kyrgyz citizenship to Russian citizenship. New diasporas were formed in Kazakhstan (up to 35,000 people), Turkey and South Korea (15,000 each), in several European countries and the United States of America,» the document says.

Leaving abroad to change citizenship, permanent residence there and unwillingness to return to their historical homeland are primarily connected with armed conflicts, unemployment, difficult political and social situation in the country.

The State Migration Service

The agency specified that the armed conflicts are two revolutions and 2010 June events.

The program is aimed at the effective support of compatriots permanently residing abroad in the legal, economic, humanitarian, cultural, educational and information spheres.