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Owners of sewing workshop in Ryazan violated rights of migrants

Owner of a sewing workshop in Ryazan (Russia) grossly violated the rights of labor migrants. Press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kyrgyzstan reported.

The police reportedly received information about citizens of Kyrgyzstan in Ryazan oblast, whose employers have taken away their passports, illegally kept them and do not pay their salaries.

Inspection found out that the head of the company in Ryazan is Russian citizen, and a founder is a citizen of Vietnam.

«There were about 100 people from the far and near abroad in the sewing workshop, 13 of them were Kyrgyzstanis. Citizens of Kyrgyzstan came to Russia for a work through an intermediary named Erkinaaly.

The signed labor contracts specify norms of a working day: a twelve-hour working day from 08.00 to 20.00, payment of wages twice a month, free meals, medical care, free housing. However, all these conditions were not observed,» the Interior Ministry said.

Migrants worked from 08.00 to 4.00 in the morning, they were not provided with free meals, they had 40 minutes for lunch breaks.

«Many of the workers wanted to terminate the contract of employment because of harsh conditions, humiliations, insults. Employers, taking away passports, kept people forcibly like slaves. They were not paid a salary under any pretext. Workers could not go outside the workshop to buy medicines in pharmacies, as they did not have identity documents with them,» the ministry informed.

One of the Kyrgyzstanis, unable to withstand the difficult conditions and workload, committed suicide. Eyewitnesses wanted to call an ambulance, but the employee of the firm said that such a call was paid and was carried out at the expense of the called one.

Press Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

The press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs also noted that during the check the law enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation closed down several offices of Fevral LLC, confiscated financial documents, office equipment, hard disks from video surveillance cameras, installed in the workshops, kitchens and production premises. 13 of our citizens wrote statements and applied to the local police.

An operative investigative group has been set up, operative investigative measures are being conducted to initiate criminal proceedings against the employees of Fevral LLC.