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Xiao Qinghua: China wants to develop together with its neighbors

«China has no mercenary goals in its foreign policy,» said the Ambassador of China to Kyrgyzstan Xiao Qinghua at a meeting with the Kyrgyz media representatives.

He noted that the People’s Republic of China is a major economic partner of Kyrgyzstan. Since 1995, China has invested about $ 2.5 billion in Kyrgyzstan, and the amount of loans amounted to $ 2 billion.

«We cooperate in the field of transport, energy, education and social sphere. We completed energy and road projects together. China also supports the construction of China-Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan railway, which will open up transit opportunities for Kyrgyzstan. China wants to develop together with its neighbors,» the Ambassador said.

According to the diplomat, the neighboring country welcomes the participation of Kyrgyzstan in regional organizations.

«The SCO summit will be held in Beijing in 2018. Kyrgyzstan and China leveled up the Shanghai Cooperation Organization together,» Xiao Qinghua said.