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Kyrgyzstanis voice main problems: unemployment, corruption, security

Social and economic problems are the most serious for the people of Kyrgyzstan. The Institute of the Ombudsman presented such data.

The main problem reportedly is unemployment. At least 76 percent of the citizens surveyed voiced it.

The study showed that corruption is the second most important problem (44 percent of respondents). But only 7 percent noted that they faced it.

Institute of Ombudsman

Such a disparity, according to human rights activists, is connected with the fact that people perceive corruption as a phenomenon in the higher echelons of power and as an integral part of the daily activities of state bodies.

«Corruption for the majority of residents is an abstract phenomenon, when the authorities steal from the people. The people do not consider their monetary rewards, gifts and so on as a corruption component, because they receive benefits for themselves,» the institute noted.

Another important problem is non-observance of traffic rules. The people voiced it among three the most serious problems of Kyrgyzstan.