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Kyrgyzstan to be able to implement Smart City project by own efforts

«Kyrgyzstan will be able to implement Smart City project by its own efforts with the involvement of local and foreign investors,» expert in IT technologies Mirlan Omuraliev told 24.kg news agency commenting on the government’s withdrawal from the project agreement.

According to him, the decision to terminate the agreement was made correctly. Investors did not meet the set terms. In addition, they offered not the technologies that Kyrgyzstan needs. It would be good for the country if technology were the most advanced. In addition, he recalled that investors had long been required to submit a technical design specification, feasibility study of the project. But this has not been done.

«This is necessary in order tomorrow, when we want to change something or add a new function, it could be done without problems. Smart City consists of several ecosystems. Its technologies must be updatable, and the system itself — flexible to introduce new modules into it at any time,» said Mirlan Omuraliev.

The expert is sure that there will be no problems with the implementation of Smart City project. There are businessmen who are ready to invest in the project.

«Last year, I headed a working group to analyze the situation with the implementation of the project and realized that there were companies interested in its implementation, including local ones. When the project Taza Koom was launched, we said that we would involve the business. Right now, there is such an opportunity. International donors can help with consultations and provide financial assistance. And together it will be possible to implement the project. We can do it step by step. For example, equip several intersections with a hardware system. Then, at the expense of the received funds, to build up the system. Thus, it will be possible to cover the entire city,» concluded Mirlan Omuraliev.