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Kyrgyzstan’s indebtedness to China reaches $ 1,711.48 billion

In January, Kyrgyzstan’s debt to China increased by $ 10.24 million and reached $ 1,711.48 billion. The Ministry of Finance reported.

As of January 31, 2018, the state debt reportedly reached $ 4,624.81 billion, or 316,290.85 billion soms. For the first month of 2018, it grew by $ 111.81 million.

The sum includes the external debt of $ 4,139.28 billion (283.85 billion soms). Main part of this amount is a debt to the Export-Import Bank of China — 41.3 percent. A little less — $ 1,635.08 billion — the republic owes within the framework of multilateral concessional loans.

The country’s internal debt is $ 485.54 million (33,205.83 billion soms). At least 89 percent of the amount is the state debt on state treasury bonds (T-bills) with a maturity from two to ten years.

Since the beginning of the year, Kyrgyzstan has spent over 2 billion soms on the payment of the state debt.