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Migrants from Kyrgyzstan earn least of all, but want to stay in Russia

Scientists of the National Research University the Higher School of Economics have published a study according to which migrants from Belarus, Moldova and Georgia earn most of all in Russia. The least of all earn migrants from Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan.

According to the study, the Tajiks and the Kyrgyz prefer to stay in Russia, unlike the Belarusians or the Georgians.

Migrant workers from Belarus earned on average 41,100 rubles a month in 2017. This is legal earnings, since Russia and Belarus have a single Union State.

The Georgians (35,900 rubles — for legal migrant workers and 33,500 — for illegal) and the Moldovans (35,300 and 33,200 respectively) earn a little less.

Natives of Ukraine are in the worst situation (30,800 and 30,200 rubles).

The Tajiks (27,900 and 25,100 rubles), the Uzbeks (29,000 and 27,200 rubles) and the Kyrgyz (29,300 and 27,200 rubles) live in Russia worst of all.

At the same time, the duration of the working week for migrants is one and a half times longer than for the citizens of the Russian Federation: 59 hours compared to 39.6. Migrant employers are mainly small (40.3 percent) and medium (35.7 percent) enterprises, who trust them with unskilled work, although 60 percent of the migrants had a higher qualification level in their homeland.