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Justice Ministry proposes to reduce period of mass media registration to 10 days

The Ministry of Justice has drafted amendments to the law on the mass media. It is proposed to reduce the period of registration of the media from one month to ten days. The press service of the ministry reported.

According to it, now the Ministry of Justice registers the media in accordance with the provision approved by the government in 1992. The Ministry of Justice noted that the document contains norms that do not correspond to realities.

The size of fees set by the acting resolution on registration of the mass media is indicated in rubles, and Kyrgyz som has already been the Kyrgyz national currency for a long time.

«The Council for Regulatory Reform recommended the government to recognize the ruling invalid. But before doing this, it is necessary to include in the law on mass media provisions on the procedure for registration of the media,» the Ministry of Justice stressed.

Proposed amendments will not only reduce the term of registration, but will also create a unified state register of the media. It will contain information on registered, re-registered and terminated media. If the law is adopted, the government will approve a new regulation on the procedure for registration of the mass media.