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Residents of Bishkek voice main security problems of the capital

Insufficient illumination of streets, turnover of police staff among district inspectors, teenage criminality — these problems were voiced by the residents of the capital as the main security problems. The civil union «For Reforms and Result» reported the results of the research.

The organization notes that during the study of public security issues, citizens expressed concern about the criminal situation in the capital.

According to Bishkek residents, only the central streets are illuminated, while the inner streets of most blocks and park areas remain dark. Attacks are mostly recorded there.

Anxiety is caused by groups of people that gather in the evenings in yards and at playgrounds, as well as people without a specific place of residence. Another problem is offenses among minors.

In a teenage environment, aggression against each other, racketeering, is often noticeable. Townspeople note a weak educational work with teenagers in the family and at school. They are not taught morality, correct attitude towards elders and peers. According to some, school racket continues to exist, but extortion takes place mostly outside the school’s walls.

Civil union "For Reforms and Result"

The criminalization of youth is also a concern of the citizens. They believe that the main reason is the propaganda of violence on the Internet, the lack of work on formation of a world view. At the same time, the potential of inspectors for juvenile affairs and social educators, according to the citizens, is not always sufficient.