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Kyrgyzstan to get $ 6.2 million grant from Japan

The Japanese government will allocate $ 6.2 million to Kyrgyzstan to strengthen maternal and child health and improve drug control in the republic. UNICEF reported.

According to the fund, exchange notes have been signed. The projects were prepared by UN agencies after consultations with the Kyrgyz government and taking into account the national priorities.

The project to strengthen the system of maternal and child health care will cover more than 924,000 children under the age of 5 and over 150,000 pregnant women.

UNICEF and the Ministry of Health will spend $ 3.5 million on repair of heating and water supply systems in 18 hospitals, training of doctors and purchase of equipment.

«The Japanese government’s support of drug control is timely, because Kyrgyzstan is located close to Afghanistan, where opium poppy production increased by 63 percent in 2017. Using a grant of $ 2.7 million, UNODC will provide technical support for drug control under the Central Asia Program for 2015-2019,» the report said.