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Previous GOSTs for liquefied gas to be replaced by new standards in EEU

The Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission approved a program to develop interstate standards containing the rules for sampling necessary for the implementation of technical regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union «Requirements for liquefied petroleum gases for their use as a fuel.» Press service of the Eurasian Economic Commission reported.

According to it, four interstate standards will be developed by 2021. They will replace six GOSTs, some of which have been in operation for more than forty years. The responsible developer is Russia. Kazakhstan will prepare three interstate standards based on ASTM regional standards and two interstate standards based on its national standards.

«It is envisaged to include in the interstate standards requirements for the physicochemical and operational performance of liquefied petroleum gases. Methods for determining the content of impurity substances in them will bring them in line with current realias,» EEC commented.