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Sapar Isakov: Smart City project will be implemented

Only the implementation of Smart City project will radically change the situation with road safety. The Prime Minister Sapar Isakov said this today at the national conference «Security and Crime Prevention Policy.»

According to him, at present work to amend the Administrative Code, which provides for tougher penalties for a number of violations, is underway. But the real solution can be the introduction of a monitoring system and the minimization of the human factor. Implementation of Smart City will make it possible.

«We will complete this work. People die on the roads, and when I read the news, my heart is bleeding,» the head of government said.

He noted that when implementing the project, the government would not pay attention to its profitability. In the coming days, the concept of the program will be put up for public discussion. The prime minister called for comments.

«The agreement with Huawei has not yet entered into force. Nevertheless, we plan to launch the project in the pilot mode,» he said.